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Contained within this blog, are works of carvings completed and in progress, with information and links to view.

Welcome to the Carving Site

Welcome to the Carving Site
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Norse Carving - Dragon/wyrm

Norse Carving - Dragon/wyrm

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carvings of horse head panels, and eagle head carved from a log, and three dimessional carving of lady

Carved Hope Chest

Carved wood chest back view, carved in douglas fir.
Lid and legs are made of 2 inch thick wood stock
View of a caved hope chest

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Urnes Dragon with Acanthus detailing.

A relief carving that I carved for my wife. This is the showoff side with the reverse being used as a breadboard.

Carving of a Viking and horse on Barn Board

Drawing of the Viking on a horse. The following photos show the work in progress
This is the completed project of the Viking on a horse, which was carved onto barn board.

This is the carving currently underway shown with a Vilking on a horse. This is the carving shown on the bench with the photo below, of which Kasper is working on.

Woodchuck The Wood Carver

Woodchuck Studio also known as Woodchuck the Carver is located in Hedley on Hwy 3. British Columbia

Easily accessed and with parking area the studio is open to visitors to browse, view, handle objects, watch active carving, and to try their hand at carving. This is a hobby craft artisan's studio.

This studio was established to share my enjoyment in shaping materials with hand tools. I am also enjoying exploration into viking work in wood and the study of how our forefathers used wood as a decorative/functional aspect of their lives. It is also my wish to communicate to another generation, to encourage those with similar tastes and leanings to continue their own explorations and crafts.
It has been my pleasure and privalage over the years to chat and spend time with a goodly number of older carvers who were kind enough to offer me instruction and tips that have greatly improved my carving abilities. needless to say most of them are long gone and it is now my turn to help and hint at ways to todays carvers that they may carry on in their turn. To contact me I can be reached at charlescaspersen@yahoo.com and if you wish for a friendly voice please call during the day on most days at 250-292-8664